|| Vande Shri Rishabham Viram ||

जैन  डॉक्टर्स  फेडरेशन
Mentor of Jain Doctors Federation  ( JDF )

THE GENESIS OF Jain Doctors Federation

Genesis of Jain Doctors Federation

The human spirit has always been a manifestation of much greater universal consciousness. Even though its inherent harmony with human existence is unquestionable, this superior “inner soul” awareness seems to have faded into the centuries of the so called “human evolution”.


“Human Aspirations” have brought about unbelievable scientific inventions. Research in the field of energy created fast track advancements in transport and telecommunications and explored the limits of our world from outer space to the deeper seas.


If we talk of technological breakthroughs in medicine, they have changed life on our planet completely, but on the contrary there is a darker side too!!!


Life has become fast and competitive, mental stress has increased manifold and tolerance for one another has declined. There is fear and hatred all around us culminating in communal disturbances,

terrorism and wars. Weapons of mass destruction have become a priority over basic needs in turn devolving the human race.


Human attempts to adapt to nature have also disturbed the ecological balance resulting in frequent natural calamities such as earthquakes, floods, droughts, cyclones and global warming. We need to know here; that every human is related to the other and probably related to every other animal, plant and micro-organism so we should not try to disturb the ecosystem.


As we conquer old health enemies newer enemies emerge due to the imbalance created by us... Humans.

The last two decades have witnessed a threatening rise in Cardiac diseases, Depression, Cancer and AIDS. Shown our indulgence in undeviating relentless, egocentric, material pursuits which we have achieved in progress but peace and happiness have continued to elude us!!!


Hence, the need for a positive guiding force has become all the more crucial… It is our good fortune to be the followers of a truly rational, scientific, secular and logical religion that is JAINISM. Infallibly, Jainism is not only a dogmatic or a fanatic religion, IT IS A WAY OF LIFE.

We are also blessed to be a part of a Noble humanitarian profession of Medicine. Seeing our professional devotion our benevolent and foresighted Jain Acharya Bhagwants, having been delved in the depths of Jainism, have taken a step forward to unite Science and Religion in the age old traditional Jain philosophy. They See an excellent opportunity for global welfare through the medium of mature,

respected and intellectual Jain Doctors personnel and henceforth have inspired the GENESIS OF JAIN DOCTORS FEDERATION. We, Jain Doctors are forever indebted to the Jain Acharyas who inspired us.


Namo Jinanam

Jai Jinendra